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Anna Klenin
Grade 12 - I B Student , Semiahmoo Secondary
When I decided to pursue the IB diploma, I knew it was going to be a huge challenge.

Over only one year, the IB students are required to achieve a good level of French in order to succeed in the IB final exams. Even though I never had problems with French before, I took classes with FrenchAcademy during the summer to prepare myself. The lessons were a great way to review and get ahead of the curriculum. They kept me from becoming overwhelmed during the year when I was really pressed for time. I was especially thankful for Marc-André's help during the second part of the semester as it was extremely challenging to keep up with the rapidly growing expectations. The extra hours of French were incredibly helpful since they gave me more time to learn, practice and be corrected.

Whenever I faced confusion in class, it was calming to know that I could always get help at FrenchAcademy.

One of the strengths of FrenchAcademy is the wealthy multimedia resources used with the students to help them improve their listening, writing, reading and more importantly speaking abilities in a very short period of time. The French Verb conjugation and Grammar book, only available at FrenchAcademy, is an amazing resource for overcoming one of the most difficult aspects of the language and should be recommended by the teachers to every single French student.

When I look back on it now, without FrenchAcademy's help , I see that I would have drowned in an ocean of French and would have never been able to score high (7 /7) in my IB French final exam. I found Marc-André an excellent teacher because he has a great passion for teaching French language and teaching his students.

It was a memorable experience and I highly recommend his classes to all the IB students, regardless of their marks at school. I also advise Grade 10 students who are planning to go to I.B. Program next year to sign up for few hours in the summer with FrenchAcademy and be well prepared to face the I.B. challenges.

Enzo Woo
Grade 11 - I B Student , Semiahmoo Secondary
I have been with Marc-André for about one month now and he has certainly helped me greatly in French.

IB French 11 was quite a huge jump in terms of speed and difficulty; a seemingly insurmountable challenge at first. Perhaps, it is worth noting that I've completed French 11 successfully in the regular curriculum already!

Merely a month into IB, I've already figured out that the French program moves very fast when compared to the regular curriculum in BC high schools. Marc has helped me very much with my transition into IB and it's unbelievable what a difference a few sessions with him can make.

Before Marc, I was having a ton of trouble and frankly speaking, it didn't look like I would last in IB French. However, just a few weeks at FrenchAcademy allowed me to exponentially increase my confidence in this particular language. A month ago, I figured that I would be able to squirm by in French with a 60-70% but now; my average mark is 90%.

Marc has a very effective method of teaching, which allows students to not only learn from him, but also amongst ourselves. To reinforce his policy on a comfortable student integration process, Marc is very open to any questions, on any topic, in the French language we may have. He constantly encourages shier students to be more articulate, allowing even the quietest of kids improve their verbal skills in class. More self-contained students do not even have to go out of their comfort zone too much in this friendly atmosphere.

In addition to the very effective classes, Marc also provides a wealth of programs and materials, which have proven to be invaluable in my French studies this year. The French verb conjugation book and Grammar, only available at FrenchAcademy is a fantastic resource, that's proved to be a much better resource than the better-known Bescherelle. Marc also gave me handouts, and many other additional resources that have helped spark my learning capacity for a once-dreaded language. With all the fancy materials aside, what I truly value from Marc is the vital handbook of French tenses that have guided me everyday in my classes. This binder full of notes has proven to be some sort of a French grammar bible, except it acts much, much more accessibly than a textbook does.

Signing up for the French Academy was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made; studying with a small group of about 5 other friendly IB students have made the difficult process greatly less stressful. Marc helped me conquer a phobia of French spanning 7 years and I look forward to expanding my knowledge with the FrenchAcademy in the future, by taking the French Language diploma (DELF)

Thomas Wang
Grade 11 - I B Student , Semiahmoo Secondary
Language has never been my expertise. I was always the science and math type of person, and it was much harder for me to achieve in languages than anything else. Because of this, and from all the previous IB students' comments on the difficulty of IB French, I knew that I had to get a tutor to help me beforehand so I can improve my French and be ahead of the game.

I found Marc-André, and he teaches in a unique and passionate way. He cares a lot about his students and always pushes them to try and do their best. His passion for French is quite infectious, and he has kindled my love for the language. Now, I do not see French as just another language; I see it as a part of me, a way of communication that will help me to be more expressive and cosmopolitan.

Not only that, FrenchAcademy has a variety of resources that if used regularly, greatly helps students, since it focuses on the four major parts of a language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These resources are much more superior to those we use at school, since they focus more on general use of the French language, not random vocabulary that we will only use rarely in our lives. It is the IB final exams that really count, and memorizing countless meaningless vocabulary does not help much. I'm glad I started early, which drastically alleviated my IB workload. I enjoy so much my experiences here at FrenchAcademy that I am also planning to continue my studies until I get the French Language Diploma.

Ming Woo
Grade 11 - IB Student, Semiahmoo Secondary
Marc André is the type of teacher who has the determination and a passion for teaching French. From attending his classes, not only has it helped me in my difficulties of understanding and learning French, but it has also gave me an interest in learning the cultures of France. He has a different yet effective style of teaching. He covers the topics we learn in school at an incredible speed, and helps us understand it with ease. Because his classes are small, he gives close attention to every student and makes sure that each of them understands before moving on. I am really enjoying his classes and I am sure that it would be a significant contribution to helping my difficulties in French at school.

Patrick H.
Grade 11 - IB Student, Semiahmoo Secondary
I've always found French an interesting and beautiful language, but my limited knowledge of it by the end of grade nine and the fact that I would go a year without any French classes between the first semester of grade nine and the second semester of grade ten meant that I would most likely have forgotten much of what I had learnt. I therefore went to Marc-André's FrenchAcademy to 'stay in touch' with the language.

Marc-André is very passionate about teaching French, and that can be understood in how he always encourages students to be open with what they want to ask, always willing to help in anything that needs clarification. He encourages everybody to speak up, not just the students that do so all the time at the expense of shier students that do indeed have things to say. This atmosphere of openness helps to never make the program something unpleasant for students unwilling to ask questions.

The French Academy program takes advantage of a wide array of multimedia programs that help to aid in the learning process by never boring students with predictable, unintuitive work common in schools' educational systems. Marc-André's approach to the language consists of teaching its mechanics in a tangible fashion and not forcing upon students rote memorization, thereby keeping French interesting and not a chore.

Of particular interest is the French verb conjugation book unlike any other. Reflecting Marc-André's philosophy of teaching 'thoughtfully', it displays not conjugation lists for verbs, instead using a system whereby the conjugation patterns can be readily understood. It is thus considerably more effective at having students remember and understand this difficult aspect of the French language, ironically resulting in its less frequent usage in the long run.

Myself, I have found French Academy to be very interesting and a great help in improving French skills. Marc-André encouraged me to take the French Language Diploma (DELF), which I passed with 98.5%, and made me aspire to take further tests of higher levels in the future. Now, being in IB French, I feel confident in my ability and not intimidated by any future challenges, always getting above 90%.

I recommend the French Academy program to all students wishing to improve their skills in the French language, whether being a beginner or more advanced. It is an excellent program with an excellent, friendly teacher who knows how to make French intuitive and interesting.

John Han
Grade 11 - IB Student, Semiahmoo Secondary
French, being a remarkable language spoken in twenty-nine countries, and both romantic and enticing all at once, was one of the many reasons I decided to take this subject three years ago. However, knowing every language had hurdles to jump over; French seemed to take a gigantic leap in which I did not have the ability to cross. To the best of my abilities I tried to do the best I could, managing a few A's, but mostly B's and sometimes C's on my French tests and quizzes. The outcome was not exemplary, and I had no choice but to be content with an eighty-percent or lower grade.

Thus, I feared this would be the exact range of a mark I would receive once I was enrolled in the IB diploma program, in which IB French was rumored to be a very hard course. Then, just when all hope of a good mark seemed lost; I asked various people in my school if they knew a French tutor, and my friend suggested the French Academy, in which I enrolled. To be honest, I passed by the academy a few times, but did not think the place could help me and I was not convinced. I could not have been more wrong.

Once I met the instructor, Marc-André, I was confident that under his teaching, I would be able to achieve an A. His teaching methods were surprisingly simple, yet extremely comprehensive and easy to learn. He gave us various tools to further strengthen our French, such as computer programs, a book that has all the verbs in the French language, and a binder full of detailed notes on everything to learn in the curriculum. Not only did Marc-André supply us with crucial resources, his friendly teaching style is also very helpful. He always insists on people asking questions, and especially urged me to ask whatever was troubling me, and keeps repeating, "There is no such thing as a stupid question," which helped me be less timid. It's been a little over 3 month since I joined FrenchAcademy, yet the amount of knowledge learnt seems to be about a year's worth!

Amara Sarwal
Grade 12, Princess Margaret Secondary
"Marc-André has a unique teaching style that allows me to understand his lessons easily. I used to love French, however, over the past couple years I only learned French in school, and my passion for the language was slowly fading. Now, Marc-André has rekindled that passion, and I regret not taking classes at FrenchAcademy sooner! Enrolling in this program has allowed me to not only better and develop my skills before my French 12 Provincial, but it has given me confidence with my French skills, and encouraged me to take the Official French Language Diploma (DELF) exam, which I passed with 98 % . This diploma will most certainly broaden my post-high school education options by being recognized by European universities. Marc André has a unique approach and tool to teaching the French Verb system, that makes conjugating any verb in any tense very easy! Not only is it easy to use, it's extremely helpful in learning such a difficult aspect of the French language! Although there are many conjugation books available, the approach and the Frenchacademy tool is the most straightforward, I have never seen before. I have been using the Bescherelle and I can say with no hesitation that the Frenchacademy tool is 100 times better than the Bescherelle or any other French verbs conjugation available on the market, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the French Verbs conjugation. I also highly recommend FrenchAcademy to anyone who wants to learn French, brush up on their French, or pursue education/career in a bilingual environment. Thanks Marc-André! "

Caroline Lipski
Grade 11, South Pointe Academy
When I first came to FrenchAcademy I could not make the difference between Je and Tu, and quite frankly I was not that interested in French. Over the time that I spent with Marc , I have not only learned French I have interest in it. Marc showed me the good side of French ,not the one where you memorize verbs and tenses, but the one where you have fun and interact with other students. You get to use all these wonderful multimedia programs that help with your listening, pronunciation, speaking and spelling! I am so happy, that I came to realize that I am learning such a wonderful language with a wonderful teacher and friend.
Marc also encouraged me to take the French Language Diploma (DELF) and I passed the exam with 92%. In addition, my marks in French at my school are always above 95% now.

I will always remember Marc's words: "memorizing is wrong, the key is to learn how the French language is structured" and Marc always adds: "You didn't learn your native language by memorizing it"

Jacob Shieh
Grade 10, Semiahmoo Secondary School
"Marc André is an extraordinary teacher. He has a special way of teaching, that makes us as students understand very complicated things in a very short time. He only worked with me for a few weeks, and I have already learned a lot of French. French used to be my least favourite (most dreaded) subject, but with Marc's help, I am now loving French, and is my favourite subject. With Marc's help, I look forward to French at school now. Because I know that I am going better than them all, and will no longer have the lowest mark in the class."

Emily Hillier
Grade 12 Semiahmoo Secondary
"I have been with this program for about a year now, and have loved every second of it. The teachers are so dedicated, and know what they are talking about. Never before have I thoroughly enjoyed studying a language so much. These classes have also broadened my choices for when I graduate, because I am being prepared for the DELF and DALF exams, which will allow me to get into the University in France."

Alexandra Falconer
Grade 12, Southridge High School
"Before beginning with Marc-André, my French instructor, I had very little confidence in my French, but he clearly showed me everything I needed to know and I felt comfortable speaking and writing the language. He always make sure that you are confident with the material before moving on. If you want to learn French without traveling to France, Marc-André is perfect!"

Shelly Jand
Diamond School, Cloverdale
"I couldn't believe it, when in just one hour with Marc-André, I was already able to count in French up to a Million, while at school, after 2 years of French, I was still struggling to learn how to count to one hundred. When I told my French teacher at school and the other students that I can count up to a million in French, they laughed at me ! Thanks to Marc, after only 15 hours at FrenchAcademy.ca, now I feel that I am 2 years ahead of the other students, and I speak Korean, English and French"

Jo Ann Stan
BCIT Student
"The course was very fulfilling, it served as a great refresher after too many years away from French. This is a great course and you can practice it in your own time with all the material, Marc-André, was sending to me via email. It's just the course that I was looking for. Marc, Keep up the good work!"

Wendy Hillier - White Rock B.C
"My daughter started with this program, a couple months before I did. She loved it so much that I decided to try my hand out at it. I went in knowing only high school French. I feel as I am learning so much, my daughters and I have conversations in French. The classes, are in such small groups that you get the individual attention you need. I highly recommend this to any parent who wishes to study the French language or has a daughter or a son who is taking French at school, they will hopefully embrace the language and culture such as my two daughters and myself, and love it with as much passion as the teachers have for it."

Anita Brunet - Sales Manager
"Marc, doesn't only teach you the language, his teaching style helps you love the French language through the discovery of all the French speaking countries cultural aspects. Now, I don't only speak French but I also have a broad knowledge of the French culture. It is such a wonderful experience that I have decided to keep attending FrenchAcademy classes for as long as Marc is my French Instructor. I don't only recommend this course, I urge everyone who really wants to learn this language to attend FrenchAcademy classes."

Denise Young - White Rock
"I signed up for French lessons shortly before a trip to France last year an enjoyed them so much I am continuing. I also added a trip to France this year just to get more practice! It has been 30 years since I took French in high school and in this past year I have learned and retained more than I did in my 6 years of school French. I see that really speaking French is a possibility now if I continue to work at it. And I will"

Trudy Jordan - White Rock
"I had mixed feelings about the course at the beginning because I felt it was a lot of material at one time, but then I came to appreciate all of the information that was given to me. I never thought I would learn so much French in so little time. Marc-André, has a great sense of humor. I like his teaching style. He responded to the discussion area with "lightning speed". I knew I would not have to wait long for a response. I really felt like he was giving me a one-on-one course. He did a terrific job."

Paul Lee - White Rock
"I really liked this class. The lessons were very useful, and I have learned a variety of French phrases. I would highly recommend this class for beginners in French."

Heather Simard - White Rock
"I enjoyed taking this French conversational course and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It covered all the important basics and more! Ce cours de fran├žais est tout simplement unique et excellent!"

Chris Jordan - White Rock
"I was surprised and appreciative at how in-depth the lessons were. Much more information than I expected. This is my first time taking a French class lessons and it is certainly not going to be the last. One of the best courses I have taken. Excellent teaching-sound system. This course is excellent for the beginner and excellent for someone who wants a French refresher. Simple, clear, useful. Marc, thanks for answering my questions with such a great attention and thank you very much for your patience."

Margaret Groom, English Teacher
"I feel empowered to speak my level of French on my trip to Québec this year, despite 35 years passing since my high school French classes, and all because of these wonderful lessons, discussions, and Internet links! Thank you so much Marc-André. I really enjoyed the lessons, Marc-André, the instructor obviously did a great job of making them interesting and fun. I loved the course!! I have decided to take more lessons in the near future. See you again very very soon, Marc."

We have more than a hundred more testimonies that will be posted soon...

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