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Three different French Levels to choose from

After completing the Beginners Level, students can expand their knowledge and fluency by continuing on to the next level at their own speed. Intermediate and Advanced level courses review language structure and encourage interaction between students.

All our courses at any level can be tailored
to meet and exceed your specific needs

Beginner Level

Learn to speak conversational French and open the doors to new experiences and opportunities when visiting French-speaking countries or meeting French-speaking people. Our approach to second language learning introduces you to language structures and expressions and will give you the basic tools to communicate effectively.

Intermediate Level

Expand on Knowledge gained in the Beginners course or brush up on your high school French. Develop daily conversational skills and broaden your knowledge of the French Culture.

Advanced Level

The content of this course combines a review of grammatical structures while strengthening conversational skills within an interactive framework. This level reviews past, conditional and introduces the present subjunctive tenses. The course will cover different levels of speech (familiar-versus-formal).

The students will also develop their confidence in various social situations and expand their French conversational skills. The instructor will choose materials according to the needs and interests of the students. Study of the cultural aspects of the language will also be part of the course.

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